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What We do, Why We Do, How We Do...Our Mission
"Alumni associations exist to support the parent organization’s goals, and to strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, and the parent organization."
Educate (Current Students):

Our alumni network seeks to assist in educating current ASU College of Visual and Performing Arts Theater students, with the goal of preparing them for quality careers in their respective fields. We will provide supplemental educational tools like roundtable discussions, workshops and informances which will expound upon the training provided by the Theater program. These sessions will include, but are not limited to, topics on The Study of Being, Public Relations, Self-Marketing, Graduate School, Technical Jobs, Education, and various Acting Techniques.

Workshops Series:

  • "You Are Your Business: How to Market Yourself as an Artist"
  • "Grad School versus the School of Hard Knocks"
  • "The Application of BEING"
  • "Those Who Teach Can Do Too"
  • "Technically Speaking: How To Maximize Your Skills and Worth"
  • "As It Relates To The Public: Do You Think You're Who They Say You Are"
  • "The Actor's Budget: Pinchin' Ain't Easy"

Entertain (The Community):

Collectively the alumni association will produce an annual show for the Montgomery, AL community. Pulling from our own alumni talent pool, these shows will allow us to employ talented artists from across the nation as well as locally.

In addition to this, we will use the alumni shows to encourage the community to support local alumni artists and their business ventures such as plays, poetry sets, webisodes, concert series, comedy shows, independent film and music projects, and more.

Currently our alumni have over a dozen independent production companies ranging from modeling, film and music, to design.

Recruit (New Students):

In addition to scouting prospective students from high school arts programs and the Tonea Stewart Summer Camps, our network will step outside of the box and use an adaptation of Dr. Tommie Stewart's scouting performance, "Celebrate The Possibilities" to motivate various youth demographics in preparation for the ASU Theater program. 

Our alumni have spent many years working in education.  From performance camps to universities, they have paid it forward by contributing to the academic and artistic development of thousands of young minds. Continuing this tradition, the Theater Alumni network will initiate the "At-risk to Scholarship" Mentoring Program in an effort to recruit talented individuals who have limited resources. It is no secret that some of the most gifted young people struggle academically due to impoverished conditions or other environmental factors that may not be conducive to their education.  Many lack the resources to acquire specialized training or tutoring to supplement the deficit or suit their learning ability level. To this end, the network will implement programs that utilize creative dramatics (which is a tried and true method to foster creative thinking, raise awareness and positive self esteem) to serve as inspiration for the students to strive for improved grades and performance levels, and ultimately a scholarship to the Theater program.

(Alumni in our field and encourage the same for other programs):

  • Alumni Mixers and Turkey Day Party Festivities

  • Gig Share where alumni will submit job information to be posted for others to use.

  • Spark brand new interest in alumni relations nationally with the goal of increasing school pride and participation.
  • Connect individuals in like programs
No clowning around for this alumnus.  Jamarr, better known as "J Man" The Clown, took his craft seriously and enrolled in the Clown Conservatory of San Francisco.  He has been cheering people up for almost a decade now, touring the country with the Ringling Brothers Circus.